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V Series Hard Kick Waxes


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Product Information

V40 The most popular V-wax. A very flexible and versatile wax covering a large temperaturerange on the cold side of freezing. To be utilized close to 0C, demands relatively new snow and low air humidity (below 45-50%). New fallen snow -1C to -7C (30F to 19F). Transformed fine grained snow -3C to -10C (27F to 14F). V45 A very frequently used wax, both in racing and touring. When Blue Extra becomes somewhat slippery, a thin layer of Violet Special probably is the right wax. New fallen snow 0C to -3C (32F to 27F). Transformed fine grained snow -2C to -6C (28F to 21F). V50 For many years a secret weapon in the wax-box of World Cup Servicemen. To be used when the snow is in a stage going from cold to wet, around freezing (32F). New fallen snow 0C (32F). Transformed fine grained snow -1C to -3C (30F to 27F). V55 For moist new snow up to +1C (34F) and down to -2C (28F) in older more transformed granular snow. New fallen snow +1C to 0C (34F to 32F). Transformed fine grained snow 0C to -2C (32F to 28F).