We are incredibly grateful for the support of our founding brand partners. Without their commitment to the success of local merchants we would not have been able to realize the vision. These companies have shown unwavering support for our platform and objectives. We thank them.


These retailers have been instrumental in Locally's creation. Their commitment, time, feedback, and support is appreciated.

Hundreds more retailers are participating. Become a part of Locally at


A number of key partnerships have allowed us to grow and gradually galvanize the experience. These companies are a big part of our future.

My Buys

A leading provider of comprehensive, personalized geo- and demographically targeted ad campaigns.


Rackspace provides us with superior hosting, support and the best tools in the business.


A content provider for brands. With Shotfarm's help we're able to manage and deliver catalog content across all of our channels with ease.

TGE Software

TGE Software is a retail software customizations company, dedicated to tailoring point of sale systems to the needs of the individual retailers.