Dealer Locator and Product Locator Integrations

To read about these integrations, please visit dealer locator support or product locator support.

API Access

At this time we're releasing access to system data on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to request an API key, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

API Overview

All requests must be made via the http protocol on either port 80 or https on port 443. The API is RESTful so we accept the following request types: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

The key parameter must be included in the query string of your request and the value of this parameter is the key we've supplied you with once your account has been approved for API access.

All requests must be made to the following base URL:{endpoint}

Rate Limit

We have a rate limit of 50 requests per minute. If you intend to use our API for a production web site, please consider caching the data on your end. We will temporarily disable accounts who exceed the rate limit.

Client Libraries

A API client for .NET by Chad Kittel

Available Endpoints


Returns the full taxonomy category list with IDs and information on category nesting


Returns list of vendor companies along with their IDs

  • Optional Parameter: is_participating (boolean) returns only participating brands who are directly controlling their catalog data


Returns full product data (at the UPC level) for a given company.

  • Required Parameter brand_id (integer)


Returns a single company record using their web domain as a filter. For retailer companies this will also return a nested list of their retail locations (if the with_stores parameter is specified).

  • Required Parameter: domain (string)
  • Optional Parameter: with_stores (string)


Returns specific product data.

  • Required Parameter product_id (integer)


Returns in-stock product lists for a specific retailer location. Also includes product image urls, direct links to retailer subdomains and category information. Data is sorted by popularity.

  • Required Parameter store_id (integer)
  • Optional Parameter category_id (integer)
  • Optional Parameter brand_id (integer)


Returns specific upc data.

  • Required Parameter code (string)