• Best of both worlds.

    Locally is blending what shoppers love about both the online experience- convenience, 24/7 accessibility, complete information- and the in-store experience- immediacy, expert assistance, engaging with your community- into one seamless shopping experience.

  • Connect with stores, everywhere.

    Browse everything nearby stores carry and reserve items for pickup from brand sites, retailer sites, Facebook, locally.com, and more.

  • Local matters.

    We're a mission-driven company, owned and operated by retailers, dedicated to connecting shoppers to local inventory in novel ways.

locally.com mission

Why Locally?

Locally was launched by a handful of outdoor retailers with expertise in both local and online sales.

  1. We realized that there was a need for shops to have a wider-reaching online presence, especially targeted to their potential local shoppers.
  2. There was also a need for shoppers who couldn't access local inventory from the internet, increasing reliance on shipping from Ecommerce giants.
  3. And there was a need for brands to have their range of products introduced and serviced by professionals.

Today, Locally is owned and operated by a collection of retailers, brand representatives, web developers, brand and content managers, and investors who feel that there are better ways for the web and local stores to come together to make shopping local forever viable and competitive.

Meet the Team

Mike Massey


Mike is the third generation owner of Massey's Outfitters. The idea of Locally grew out of the need for Massey's to market their inventory to nearby online shoppers and accept transactions from them. At Locally, Mike is the head of brands, operations and partnerships.

My local:
New Orleans, LA
Blake Haney


Blake has fifteen years of experience as designer, creative director, and entrepreneur. He is also the creator of a local lifestyle brand in New Orleans. At Locally, Blake manages content, brand, community and social.

My local:
New Orleans, LA
Ben Hirsch


Ben is a seasoned full-stack web developer. He is also an active participant and manager of open source code projects. At Locally, Ben manages the dev team, site development, system architecture and integrations.

My local:
Ellicott City, MD
Chris Weil


Chris is the CEO of Momentum Worldwide. In 2007, he introduced the concept of “Phygital” — describing the inseparable experiences between the physical and the digital world. His depth of knowledge in that space guides Locally's mission.

My local:
New York, NY
Robert Farinholt


A partner at Propel Equity Partners, Robert has been a board member and guiding voice for Locally's vision ever since its inception.

My local:
Greenwich, CT
Mark Strella


Before Locally, Mark ran the New Orleans independent business alliance, where he led business development and policy advocacy campaigns. At Locally, Mark is the point person for brands.

My local:
New Orleans, LA
Barry Schrimsher


Barry brings over 30 years of consumer products, technology, and deep industry experience to Locally. An original founder of Mountain Hardwear, he's also worked with Columbia, Icebreaker, and Crocs. At Locally, Barry leads sporting goods sales.

My local:
Portland, OR
Tammy Mercure


Tammy is a photographer and visual content producer. With a 16 year career in academia as a background, she has experience with digital technology and people. At Locally, Tammy manages everything content-related for clients.

My local:
New Orleans, LA
Johanna Rotondo-McCord


Johanna spent a number of years in the publishing industry, where she managed accounts and promoted books. At Locally, Johanna works with retailers and provides support at every step of the onboarding process.

My local:
New Orleans, LA
Lee Whalen


Lee Whalen has over 15 years experience in large scale systems administration. At Locally, he assists Ben in automating 'all the things' and ensuring the site and customer-deployed tools can handle the ever-increasing traffic sent its way.

My local:
Seattle, WA
Joey Risk


Joey is a software developer who specializes in PHP and Javascript. He has worked on projects that utilize stacks such as LAMP, XAMPP, and MEAN, and is excited to work on the frontiers of web app technology.

My local:
Virginia Beach, VA
Kelly Nelson


Kelly has over 20 years of experience in the baby industry having worked for her family's 3rd generation baby store, blogged for an industry publication, and served on industry committees. At Locally, Kelly uses her experience to help baby and children's products manufacturers and retailers leverage the web to promote in-store traffic.

My local:
Atlanta, GA
Brad Tollefson


Brad was a Director of Planning at Backcountry.com and also served as the chair of the OIA B2B working group. He designs and maintains key information systems for Locally that support brands, shops, and ecommerce merchants.

My local:
Moab, UT
Graham Gibby


Graham has been in outdoor retail since 1999 as floor staff, management, and buyer. He also has experience with computer hardware, databases and networking, so whatever it takes to get your data to Locally, he’s here to help you do it.

My local:
New Orleans, LA